Wegner Whirlwind Tour of 2009

In January, we took the plunge and got a puppy from my Aunt who breeds Golden Retrievers and had one she couldn’t sell because of a birth defect.  Ellie is now everyone’s best friend, except when we step in her drool.

In February, we had our house appraised for a re-finance, and every inch was squeaky clean.  I took photos of each room for a virtual Wegner house tour.

In March, Rob and I took our 15th anniversary trip on our 16th, and walked around the edges of Heaven in Sedona.  We rode ATV’s through the desert, stood on the Devil’s Bridge, walked and talked endlessly.

In April, we took the girls to Tennessee and watched the snow fly on the top of a mountain.   We took the  girls on the hardest hike they have ever been on, it was incredibly challenging and rewarding for all of us.  The post I wrote about got re printed in an online guide for national park hikers….we were all very proud.  We also ate 16 year old Twinkies as a family….it’s all about making memories at our house.

In May, our friends Prema and Rajendran were here from India.  We got to take them to Chicago, including a trip to the American Girl store, something I am sure Prema will never forget.

In June, we went to London on our way to India, then spent an amazing, life changing, world-view shaping month in India with the girls in tow.  We learned that our Compassion Daughter Sangeetha’s baby brother had died since our last visit, one of our saddest moments as a family.  We danced with the kids in Kalavai, celebrating a new life of living in houses instead of huts made of garbage.

In July, we slept on the beach in Florida for a week.

In August, the girls went back to school.

In September, Whitney decided to make her faith in Jesus public and get baptized by her dad at church.  It was a very special and memorable moment.

In October, there was at least one kid sick on the couch the entire month with H1N1, a horrible virus that knocked all 3 girls flat for almost a whole month.  No fun at all!

November was a month to give thanks for all we saw and learned in the past year.  We truly can say we are grateful for all we have considering all we saw in India this past summer.

In December, the girls and I gave the gift of our time and love to Jesus and our community and practiced long hours, and performed A Christmas Carol at our church.  It was a wonderful experience for all. 

So, that’s a wrap!  Can’t wait to read my own “year in review” of 2010.

Thanks for reading my blog.  It has been a blessing to get to know you this year.  If you haven’t spoken up much yet, I would love to hear from you and get to know you better too.  Have a great New Year!

3 thoughts on “Wegner Whirlwind Tour of 2009

  1. I haven’t commented a whole lot, but I read every day. You have had an interesting year–lots of fun and travel. And it has been so much fun getting to know you too! Hopefully we can meet IRL in 2010. 🙂

  2. Cornucopia says:

    A neat look back. What a busy year you’ve had. Many blessings in 2010!

  3. Susan says:

    I love to read your post. Wanted to let you know Tim and I went to Spruce Flat Falls last weekend and they re did the end of the hike they made it a little less dangerous by making some wood steps at the end. Before you had to walk on big rocks before you got to the falls. This place is our favorite hike. We love it. We were the only people on the trail.

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