What Brings Out the Crazy-Eyed Mommy in Me More than Anything?

Kalevai House I have nothing to wear!

I have nothing to do!

My room is ugly and boring!

We have no snacks!

There is nothing that brings out the crazy-eyed Mommy in me more than statements like this.  My poor children are ruined forever because of dragging them all the way around the world to India, to homes made of thatch and garbage. All they have to do is complain, and they know what they are going to hear back from me.

Complaining is poison to my ears.  I know I let complaints slip from my lips occasionally…ok, more than occasionally, but I only complain about really important things, like running out of Oreos. (ha)

We’ve been dealing with this issue pretty seriously at our house.  Complaining at our house is a serious offense.  Why?  Because we have everything we need.  We want for nothing.  Our stomachs are full and our house is warm.  We have indoor plumbing and  hot water.  We have a full refrigerator and a stove to make food with.  We have bonus stuff like TV’s and computers.  We have toys and dolls and make-up.  We have nothing on our want list that we truly need.

What do you do when you hear people around you complaining? I’d love your creative insights.  I am sure they would be better than what I want to do when I hear my kids complaining– like tossing them out in the snow with  no shoes.

9 thoughts on “What Brings Out the Crazy-Eyed Mommy in Me More than Anything?

  1. Lisa says:

    I was just talking about this with the kids this morning. Our devotional was about consequences of the fall and how some of the first sins were shame and complaining (the woman you gave me – complaining about Eve and God’s provision). And he had it perfect! We didn’t come up with any solutions or anything but somehow it’s a bit reassuring that the struggle with complaining isn’t new.

  2. skoutz says:

    I was just talking about this yesterday. My furnace and dishwasher broke, which makes about the 14th item on the list of issues I’ve had with the new apartment. Despite all of that I kept reminding myself I had shelter and I got to buy groceries. There is much to be thankful for these days.

    See you in a few hours!

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  4. Deanna says:

    Duct tape?!?! 🙂 Seriously though, we typically end up talking about our Compassion kiddos A LOT whenever one of them (or one of us) has an ungrateful attitude…. perspective is a good thing….

  5. I don’t have the kid yet 🙂 but when I find myself complaining I try to remind myself of how lucky I am and that there are many people out there with nothing. I’m hoping I can teach Amelia to be positive and not focus on the things in life, rather the memories.

  6. Lori Gnott says:

    This is one of my biggest pet peeves also. I have always told my kids that “bored” is actually a four letter word in our home. They are not allowed to say it,and on a couple occasions when they have slipped, I handed them a toilet brush to get them “un-bored”. Ungrateful people are hard to take;I can’t even stand myself when I fail to see my blessings 🙂

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