What do you do to Renew?

Lake Vandergriend Photo collage

Saturday afternoon was spent chopping wood, running in the mud, building a raging bonfire, and exploring the woods at our friends’ property.  Ron and Lou Vandergriend own this little piece of land on a lake with only one other house on it.  They are kind enough to let us come and play every now and then.

We need these times as a family sometimes…away from everyone and everything.  It was a very peaceful and renewing afternoon.  Simply being outside in nature renews me and connects me with my Creator.

How about you?  What do you do to renew your soul? 

One thought on “What do you do to Renew?

  1. VSliker says:

    Usually a quiet read with a good book renews me. For a bigger renewal, a walk is required. Hard work is good, too.
    For the most serious renewal? A trip away alone, often involving a Women of Faith conference.
    Camping, hiking, an outdoor concert, rushing water, cool breeze, foot massage, chocolate…….

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