What Happens on a Typical Date with Rob

Corn_maze_015 I think the most odd things happen to us when we are out on dates.  We both have a very good sense of humor.  I think God made us that way for a reason.  We ate at Papa Vino’s. Saw no one we knew.  Phew.  Drove around a while.  Saw no one we knew.  Went to Barnes and Noble.  Saw 2 little girls who recognized Rob and said, "Hi Pastor Rob"  They were cute.   No problems yet.  A guy and his girlfriend walked by.  The guy did the double take and saw Rob, recognized him…didn’t say anything.  No problem.

We drive some more, feel the need for desert.  Go to the South Bend Chocolate Company.  I sit down on the cozy couch by the fireplace with my ice cream, and low and behold, I am a fly on the wall.  The conversation at the table next to me was loud and venom-filled.  I couldn’t help but hear, "YEAH, WELL, THAT GCC PLACE, YOU KNOW THEM….THE CROSS ISN’T ENOUGH FOR THEM…THEY HAVE TO HAVE ALL KINDS OF MUSIC AND STUFF.  LIKE THAT WILL HELP…BLAH, BLAH BLAH. "  I know these lovely Christian people didn’t recognize me or Rob because of the ferocity at which they kept up the negative conversation about our church.  The evil side of me wanted vindication.  I REALLY wanted to turn and mention "that my husband is on the staff of the wonderful church you are so colorfully describing."  Not for any reason at all, except to embarrass them and make them feel bad for ruining my ice cream experience by the fire and my really fun date. 

When Rob sat down, I whispered these details to him, and he smiled.  He handles these things much better than me.  Perhaps that is why he is the pastor and I am not.  And now I get to the part of the story when you will see that God is indeed on my side. (I’m kidding, I hope you know).  A man and his wife walked in the room, and LOUDLY said, "Hey!  It’s Rob Wegner from Granger Community Church!"  I had to repress a giggle inside.  You’ve got to love vindication.

We left the restaurant, went for a drive on a country road.  Rob turned the lights on the car off while driving down the road to see what would happen.  A typical date.  I love my husband.  I’m so glad we share this journey together.  And, I’m really glad we both have a good sense of humor.

3 thoughts on “What Happens on a Typical Date with Rob

  1. Jeff Bell says:

    Michelle – we sure understand years of sleepless nights…not easy. You and Rob are such amazing people, so inspiring. Thanks for the amazing way in which you model grace. 🙂

  2. Tim Stevens says:

    One time I heard the same exact type of conversation while at a Burger King playland watching one of my kids. It went on for more than 30 minutes. I had convinced myself to just leave it alone, don’t say anything. But then as I was leaving and buckling my kid in the car seat, they came out to get in the car right next to me.
    I couldn’t resist. I said, “You know that church you guys bashed for the last 30 minutes? Well, I’m closer to Jesus and my life will never be the same because of that evil church” and I got in my car and drove away.

  3. Seven says:

    ok-you cannot tell me that it wasn’t God having a laugh by making that man and his wife walk around the corner shouting “Pastor Rob!” … that’s too much. delicious, mysterious ways.

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