What I do to Survive Winter

I hate Winter.  I hate when the leaves are finally fallen off the trees and everything looks gray, cold, and bare.  Rob loves winter.  I am sure glad he does, because he is the one who builds snow forts, snow people, takes the girls sledding, etc.  I take pictures from the inside, and make sure there is plenty of hot chocolate for them when they all come in.  I have developed some coping mechinisms over the years.

1. Buy lots of candles and leave them lit all day long.Winter_survival

2.Go tanning at least once a month Tanning_booth_3

3.Plan out the next 3 books I will be reading.Books

4.Stock up on warm sweatshirts and cozy pants.Sweats

5.  Write blog entries containing nothing of eternal or intellectual value whatsoever.

What do you do to pass the time from fall till spring during that dreaded season called Winter?

(especially if you live in the ever wild and crazy Indiana like me.)

3 thoughts on “What I do to Survive Winter

  1. Mandy says:

    I too hate winter. My hubby gets to take girls out to do those “fun” things. I stay inside and quilt, do any painting around the house & watch old movies. I also tend to bake a lot. That’s were the baggy sweatshirts & lounge pants come in handy!

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Michelle! I was googling (avoiding work) and saw your page! Hope you guys are doing well. I hope this isn’t blog crashing. If it is, I humbly apologize. Um, oh I know, I’ll add a comment. Kansas winters are a bit milder than by you but after a few too many days inside, we crank up the music and dance. Lots of dancing happening in January. 🙂
    Lisa Ramsey

  3. Theresa says:

    Medicate myself!

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