What if Women…

What if women…had a more prominent leadership role in the Church worldwide?

What if women still respected men as leaders, lived Biblically sound lives, but had a chance to speak their minds in a humble and unique way? Traditionally, it doesn’t happen very much. Most women aren’t jerky and demanding about it.  They’re just quiet.  And passive.  And really quiet.  Their voices of individual leadership, uniqueness, and creativity aren’t heard very often.

More than almost anything, I want my 3 young women to know there is a place for them at the table.

It saddens me when the topic of women in church becomes a divisive thing. What if it didn’t have to be? Really.

I love men. My dad is a man.  My brothers are men.  I have a zillion male cousins—I was raised in a world of men, (sort of like being brought up with a pack of wolves, but they were generally very fun wolves. 😉 )

I married a man.  I love him deeply.  I completely respect him.

I respect and admire my pastors more than they or anyone could know.

But..what if?

I believe women would raise issues that aren’t being raised.  I believe the worldwide orphan problem might be solved.  I firmly and wholeheartedly believe more broken people will be healed.   Sharing our stories gives strength to both the listener and the teller.

Shame dies when empathy is given. Light bearing light to dark, shadowy, sometimes very sad souls brings life. Women need women to learn from. Men need women to learn from.

The women in my life are rock solid, genuine followers of the Way, the Truth and the Life. They walk and talk with Jesus. I am transformed by their love and commitment to God.

I see a trend in the young men I know.  I see them seeking after spiritual leaders who are men just like them — college professors, authors, musicians, male pastors, etc as their only source for Biblical direction and interpretation. This isn’t bad, just inbalanced.

I think women would feel better about themselves knowing God can and does use women in powerful ways. I know scores of highly educated, intelligent followers of Jesus who feel worthless because there is not a place for them in the Church in The USA and around the world.

Its funny how when you throw a subject out there, like I did with this one the other day, how others can sometimes state the way you feel better than you can.  I’ll leave you with a friend’s thoughts, then I’d love to hear yours:

Maybe there was a time when women weren’t the best choice as leaders and teachers. But we have women senators, congressional representatives, judges, college professors and university presidents, CEOs and hopefully someday a woman president. There have been many queens who ruled their countries, even centuries ago, and many presidents and prime ministers in other countries. There are many women heads of household. Women are scientists, doctors, astronauts, engineers, and inventors. Women hold high ranks in the armed forces and die defending our country. And women (mothers and wives) have long been understood to be primary influences in prominent men’s lives. There are many women who will be lost to the Christian message if they believe it can only come from a man’s tongue. <<

More thoughts and resources to come

3 thoughts on “What if Women…

  1. Men and women are different,not better or worse, less or more spiritual, stronger or weaker….they stand before God as a person with a unique set of gifts that, when coupled with a husband, another pastor, or a friend can bring a unique way of looking at a problem, concern, or Scripture in a different light that can change lives and inspire hope and see God in a new way(isn’t that what preaching does). It happens when men and women seek the face of God for His solution or His plan and the beauty is that a plan formulated by God that includes men and women equally can bless entire congregations, entire families, or just one couple. Women bring unique gifts to teaching women because they can really hear what she is saying but not saying out loud. Her feedback is so valuable to women who are hurting. And likewise, men have a marvelous gift for teaching men to be godly men. But leadership is not just preaching or teaching. It is a combination of so much more like the fruits of the Spirit, wisdom, and hearts committed to seeking God’s will before seeking to influence. Miracles happen and everyone in the church, family, and marriage find forgiveness, healing, restoration and new life.In the end it starts with my willingness to change, listen, and hear with new ears.

  2. Edith Brightman says:

    This is a current topic of conversation among my friends and I. Two years ago a new pastor arrived and very slowly what was a decently balanced church has become male centered. Women who’ve served our community now know they have no voice. It is sad to see women who have given much of their life to our church community feel stripped of their voice.

    I’ve read the post before this and the comments following. Did you notice the many times the responses held apologies for believing or questioning the male leadership? We have the right to question and not follow blindly. There is a great difference between being submissive and subjugated. We are not to be subjugated below men. When the voice of women are silent, churches have a great tendency to become harsh and unforgiving or forgiveness is a letter pinned to your front.

    No apologies here at all for what I am thinking for I see great damage being done to women. I am not a feminist, or see women as elders or lead pastors; but why aren’t deaconess’ board where women can serve women and where different ideas are listened to? Just a question.

  3. Joe Chambers says:

    Well, that was a good piece. You have a unique voice in your writing style. I agree 100% with what you said. Amen, little sister. Amen.

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