What Will You Give?

I’m so excited about what my friend Amy is doing over at her website.  I mentioned a while back that Amy has  been named the #8 most powerful social media woman in the United States.  Amy decided to do something with that power, and she’s starting “The Big Give” this week over on her site.  She is collecting lots of stuff to help out the Faith Mission of Elkhart.

The New York Times recently and they stated this of Elkhart,

 Elkhart, near the Michigan border in an area known as Michiana, is the white-hot center of the meltdown of the American economy. Its main industries, the manufacturing of recreational vehicles and motor homes, have fallen apart over the last year because of high gasoline prices. That has taken down ancillary businesses like R.V. parts suppliers and storage warehouses. The jobless rate in Elkhart has increased more than in any metropolitan area in the country; it rose over 4.8 percentage points from August 2007 to August 2008. According to labor statistics released this summer, nearly 10,000 people were out of work, a rate of 9.3 percent.

These people aren’t just statistics in a newspaper to me.  They are my neighbors and friends.  They go to my church and I see them at the store.  They’re really struggling.  I want to help.  I’m helping Amy, and I hope you do to. 


If you don’t give to the Faith Mission of Elkhart, give somewhere.  There is always someone you can help.  There is always something you can do.

 Just give something.

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