What Would Jesus Buy?

I wroted this post a year ago.  I think I feel even more strongly about it than I did then.  We watched the video with the girls last night and had some pretty interesting conversation afterwards.  I encourage you to watch it, and even share it with someone else so you can talk about it.  Let me know how it goes.  I'm curious!

Rob and I watched a documentary about consumerism tonight that rattled my soul.  It is called "What Would Jesus Buy?"  At first I thought it was just a silly documentary, but the more I watched it, the more disturbed I became.  At one point, someone said,

"Our spaces in America are either commercial or private.  We are either shopping, or we are trespassing."

  There are no sidewalks on my block.  Only roads that lead to the grocery store, the mall, or McDonalds.  People on my block drive home on these roads from their jobs, the mall, McDonalds, whatever…use their garage door openers so they never have to get out of their cars to look at or talk to anyone. 

I realized that yes, our roads are primarily made for shopping.  It really disturbed me. 

If you live in Michiana,or in a place like it, what else is there to do?  So we max out our credit cards, and sacrifice our souls at the altar of the mall and consumerism.  Pretty scary stuff. 

The Hindu temples in India are very dark and scary places.  I feel a lead weight in my stomach when I walk in them.  No wonder I feel almost the same way when I go to the mall. 

More on these thoughts later.   Here's the trailer for the documentary.

6 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Buy?

  1. Renee Crabtree says:

    I long to live in an older neighborhood with sidewalks and a corner grocery store. I want to know my neighbors. I want to know them. Sometimes it’s jus so awkward.

  2. Sherry Ingle says:

    Loved this! I agree that something needs to be done to curb our commercialism. I hope we are not too “far gone”…we’ll know it if we see WWJB bracelets, t-shirts and “Rev. Billy” bobble heads available for purchase !

  3. Cyndi says:

    We have the sidewalks (no corner store) and the only reason we know a few neighbors is because my hubby grew up on this street. Other then that we don’t talk to the people here a lot.
    I think this year I have been more focused on others then my own. Our church is adopting a family with three girls who just lost their mom. I’m only excited about buying because I am getting them gifts. And though I know this is a good thing it hit me today that its not the same as them having their mom.

  4. Cornucopia says:

    Since moving from the Michiana area into very rural Michigan, I have had to adapt a new worldview. Going to the mall now is not a five minute trip to get there. It is an all day event to go to the city, so you plan to stop everywhere you NEED to stop in one day. Therefore, we don’t go to the mall… ever. It’s on the very last of our priority list. Very different from when we lived in an area where going shopping and consumerism was very much a focus due to the ease of it all.

  5. Would love to put this post out to a large group. Does anyone get shamed in the movie? Trying not to do the shame gig. Thanks for your thoughtful and personal posts.

  6. Joellen,
    I completely agree. I dont go for the shaming thing either. I dont think this guy ever gets personal with anyone in the movie as far as I remember. (it has been a year since I watched the whole thing). The guy is totally, completely crazy, which I think adds a lot to his message. I wouldnt personally go for his style, but it is very powerful for what he is trying to accomplish.
    More than his crazy style, the actual footage of what happens at some stores on sale days like Black Thursday is powerful enough w/out his words or craziness.

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