9 thoughts on “What Would You Say?

  1. Forging someone elses signiture is very wrong, and while it is a nobile idea we will not discus this until you are 10 and a half.
    That is what I would say.

  2. I would say “you are obviously learning some good critical thinking skills from your parents and your powers of persuasion are just about there, but my friend’s daughters don’t get to make 9:00 their bedtime until their 12, so yours is staying put for now.”

  3. She builds a good case. I mean, she’s got John Adams and Wonder Woman! Who can argue with that?! Let them stay up late! And let them eat cake while you’re at!

  4. Oh, Michelle! What a treasure!
    I would probably say that she’s posed a great argument and that we might try this 9:00 thing a couple nights a week, until we know how she’s going to handle it. (Like Friday & Saturday) That way, if the later time causes tiredness issues, it wouldn’t interfere with school.
    OR talk to her about giving it a trial period. We’ll try it for two weeks and talk to the teachers after that to see if her behavior or attitude or efficiency has changed. If not, we continue. If so, back to the earlier time.
    Oh, yeah, and by the way, when she hits 15, I’m thinking you & Rob better have all your logical thinking caps on!

  5. She’s got some serious witness to her signature. Better consider.
    Cyra’s is still 8, but she can quietly read until 9. That was our compromise this year.

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