What You Can See In A Storm

Last night our family was outside running around, riding bikes, and generally enjoying the nice weather.  All of a sudden the dark clouds blew in and the sky turned black. That doesn’t stop our family of course, but only encourages the craziness. It’s much more fun riding bikes in a storm than in just the plain dull sunshine.

While they were running around in the street, I was taking some pictures of really cool cloud formations rolling in. Maddie pointed to one above our neighbor’s house and said, “Mom! Look…it’s a heart!” It took me a second, but then I saw it.

The “heart cloud” was hovering right above our neighbor’s house. Our kids have been close friends with their kids ever since we moved here in 2004. On Friday our neighbor’s grandpa died. I just couldn’t help but wonder if this heart was God’s heart reaching out to them, showering his love on them in the middle of this storm.

Sometimes when we are in the middle of a storm, it takes someone else to point out the obvious. The love that is there. The hand that is reaching out.  The obvious love that the Father is pouring down on us.  I’m glad Maddie saw it with her kid’s eyes and pointed it out to me as I was so focused on the ominous, dark, rumbling clouds.

When we are in the middle of the storm, the darkness can be overwhelming. While it is overwhelming, often the Father is right there in the middle of it with us, pouring out his love in a special way.

I’m praying that if you are in the middle of a “storm”, that you can shift your focus from the storm clouds to the love that is hovering there, right over you.

If you’re not in the middle of the storm yourself, how cool would it be if you were the one to help someone else shift their gaze from the threatening ominous darkness to the love of the Father?

Praying for you friends, that whatever storm you are in, you would know His deep, deep love for you.

One thought on “What You Can See In A Storm

  1. Ginny says:

    What a thoughtful observation, Michelle. I do know someone living in a storm of grief and uncertainty. This is a reminder to me of God’s unfailing love and my unique opportunity to show that love so it pours into her life like the rain falling from those clouds.

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