When Darkness Comes

Dustin-India There are days that some of the things I have seen in this world come around and weigh on my chest like a million pounds.  I sense a darkness that is overwhelming.

I have images stuck in my head of a naked baby wandering through piles of trash with no one to care for him.

In another, I pass by a group of women caught in an act of shame unknown to me, but I think they don’t want to keep the girl baby that has just been born.  The mother is young and sick and has a vacant look in her eyes.

I see an old woman bent over her work table, nearly blind from the intricate loops of silver she creates day after day in order to provide our children with cheap jewelry they will no doubt cast aside after a few days of wearing.

I hear Sangeetha’s mother telling me her baby boy died of brain fever.  I feel the tears wash over me again, helpless.

Someone once told me that I can not be Jesus to the world.  Sometimes, like today, a sunny and beautiful day in November, the images come back, and the weight with it.

 I can’t be Jesus to the world, but I can be His voice. 

Today, remember those that hurt.  Remember the poor.  Speak up for the weak.  Pray for the persecuted.  Do something with the amazing life God gave you.  Be Jesus to your world today.

photo by Dustin Maust

3 thoughts on “When Darkness Comes

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  2. cherryt7 says:

    Michelle, I just wanted to thank you for being a voice. We live in a world where our actions bear eternal consequences. I have been overwhelmed lately with the opportunity/needs throughout our world and country and it seems like we can’t do enough fast enough. I think we could make a difference and Jesus could be known if we each did something…

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