When Schools Go Green Update

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Can you help me figure out what is important and what I should keep?  I went to college and I can’t.

100 pieces of paper after 5 days of school.  The girls are in 3rd and 4th grade.  How much money does it cost to print off 100 pieces of paper?  How many weeks of school are there?  Figure 100 pieces of paper times the weeks of school and I’m sure that’s a small fortune, and that is for two children.  Just two.  There is something terribly wrong here.

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7 thoughts on “When Schools Go Green Update

  1. As a teacher I want to thank you for actually looking at every sheet and not just pitching it. Communicating with parents is by far the hardest part of my job. I can’t call 225 sets of parents. But if I don’t communicate with them, they don’t have the information they need. At least your students take info home. I can’t even count how many phone calls I get because students don’t take things home. It is annoying.

  2. OK, seriously – that is CRAZY! Can’t they just put this stuff online? WOuld be SO MUCH easier, and then when you need/want to see it – you can bring it up on your super-cool phone (hee hee!).
    Just wanted to say that I left a note for you on my blog…

  3. Every year I get “The Monster Grid” calendar. Open, it is 20×30 inches. No pretty pictures, just a huge grid with plenty of room for important activities and appointments. Everything gets put on the calendar and then the paper gets thrown away! I hang it inside the kitchen cabinet next to the phone. Then I have my schedule handy when a friend calls to make a lunch date 🙂 It’s on my Christmas list every year so the kids remember to get me a new one every year.

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