When The Magic is Real

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Isabelle has one of the most wonderful, complex, amazing imaginations I have ever seen.  I think part of the reason she creates magic people and worlds is because her sisters are busy doing “big sister” things.  It makes her sad sometimes, but her heart is pure gold, and she creates the most spectacular things in spite of feeling left out.

Last night, she called me out in the front yard to show me her “Magic Fairy Blanket.” I almost missed it.  I almost told her no, I was busy playing Words With Friends on my phone.

But I didn’t. I walked outside and sat in the sunshine and let her show me how her Magic Fairy Blanket worked. When I looked at the pictures and how they turned out, I became convinced of how real her little magic world really is.  She looked at the photos and wasn’t surprised at all.  She was like “Yeah, whatever”,  because she already knew the truth. Her magic is real.

2 thoughts on “When The Magic is Real

  1. Rob Wegner says:

    It’s true. I love you.

  2. She has such a wonderful imagination! It will be neat to see what Amelia comes up with as she gets older 🙂

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