While I’m Home

Innovate_2007 You know, I’ve been thinking about this "staying at home" thing a lot lately. Times like the Innovative Church Conference, or The Leadership Summit, or even times when there is anything a bit out of the ordinary or exciting going on at church, of course I want to be there. People who have only gotten to know me in the past few years might get the wrong impression that since I’m not there, I must not want to be. I want to go on every single trip to India. I want to go with Corey and Debbie Mann to Back2Back Ministries in Mexico every summer. I want to be at every New Community, and every Second Saturday. My heart is in all of that more than anyone could imagine. My heart starts beating very fast when I think of going….

but then I look around me, and realize there are 3 little girls that need me here right now. For the next couple years, I’m locked in with my main ministry. Of course there are times when we can all do these things together, those are wonderful times. Maddie got to go with Rob and I to India this past winter. That was amazing. But, more often than that, I’m at home being the supporter and encourager, the nurse, the teacher, the maid. I love being Rob’s main source of encouragement. I’m glad we clean the house so when he gets home, he feels like it’s a peaceful place to be. (clean I can do…I can’t always guarantee there will be peace.)

So I was thinking about all my friends who are at home right now, or are in "support roles" in their families. Some for the firs time ever (shout out to Miss 7) and some have grown to love and thrive in those roles, like Faith Stevens for example. Can I please be more like her?

Anyway, know that what you are doing is SO IMPORTANT! Learn, grow, thrive where you are. Be all of who God made you to be right where you are. The fullness of you is not in some far off distant place, it’s right where you are. It’s something I’m learning, and trying to get my mind around anyway.

One thought on “While I’m Home

  1. Seven says:

    michelle … it’s so good to know there’s an ache in your heart to do and go more … and also a peace in knowing that you’re right where you are supposed to be. you’re “saving” and “changing” lives — one little girl at a time.
    shout out to you, my dear.

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