Whitney’s Big Day


 photo by elle white

Whitney has taken huge leaps of faith in her walk with Jesus this year.  Her decision to be baptized was just one of the many steps she has taken. We are seeing her passion for life focus on the poor, the needy, and the outcast.  Her heart breaks when she sees anyone abused, neglected, sick, or poor.  Our trip to India was almost too much for her, because she felt so passionately about those we were serving.  Whitney has loved Jesus as long as she has known Him.  She is funny, smart, kind, and full of passion and life.  I am so glad to be her Mom.  It’s one of the things on this Earth I am most grateful for.  It is so amazing to me to see the light of Jesus dawning in her heart and spread to her smile, and deeply affect those around her. 

Jesus has big plans for Whit, big plans.  I am just hoping and praying she always says “yes’” to Him, and always keeps on taking her next right step in her walk with Him.

Someone said to me yesterday, “I like your girls.  They are confident, but they are very kind”.  That was one of the biggest compliments I could ever receive as a parent, because that is what I always pray for them.  I pray for them to know that they are loved enough to walk confidently, but reach others with that same love.  I am proud to say I see my kids living that out to the best of their 10, 9, and 5yr. old abilities.

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  1. Jeff Bell says:

    Congrats Whitney! Keep taking big steps in your journey with Jesus.

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