Who Is Jesus to You?

This weekend at church Mark Beeson spoke about the shepherds that were guarding the sheep when the angels came to announce the birth of Jesus.  He talked about how each person had a unique perspective on the birth of Christ. 

What must it have been like for the shepherds to tell others about what they saw?  What must it have been like for others to hear about the angels, Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus from these shepherds?  What picture of Jesus did they paint with their words?

We see the face of Christ through the countless stories we hear from those who love Him and who know Him.  The stories add up to one complete image of Jesus in our minds.

Your story matters.  Your view of Christ is a glimmer of Him that someone else might never see without You telling and showing the Jesus you know and love.

Who is this Jesus?  Paint Him with your words for others this week.  I’m going to try.

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