Who Makes Your Fireworks

The Fourth of July is coming up, and you just may be stocking up on your fireworks display that will be the one that will put your neighbors in a state of shock and awe, as they watch from their driveways.  You’ll pull out your brick of firecrackers, take a second and think about who made them.  IMG_5204

Maybe they were made by these guys in a little sweaty concrete house with only open doors as windows.  They sit there all day long, covered in firecracker paper. cutting, slicing, and wrapping little firecrackers.  They smiled as they worked, because we were there, the first and only foreigners they have ever seen.  but I wonder if they smile day after day, chop after chop, roll after roll…

They wake up every morning , get to work by 8am, they stay 18 hours, until its time to close up shop at 2am. They make $3 a day.

SO next time you blow off fire works in your front yard to put your neighbors in a state of shock and awe, think of these poor guys sweating, hungry, and exhausted so you can celebrate your freedom.  Seems like such a paraodox to me, that those that are not free enable our parties and fun.  Next time you blow off your fireworks, think of these guys and maybe say a prayer for them.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Michelle. This is truly shocking. Three dollars a day for 18 hours work?! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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