Why We Vacate.

Smoky Mountains 050 

By about 9 hours of  being glued to one another in the back seat of the car yesterday, the girls resistance toward one another had melted away.  They were all cuddly and mushy and taking care of each other nicely.  Whitney even said to me, “Mom, why is it that when we go away on vacation we always get along better?” 

Exactly my point.

Exactly why we choose to “vacate.”

We unplug, unwind, and enjoy each other.  Really!  It can happen, and it does.  Look at these beautiful faces.


Smoky Mountains 017

Smoky Mountains 049

 Smoky Mountains 047 Smoky Mountains 054

3 thoughts on “Why We Vacate.

  1. Shelly W. says:

    I SOOOO agree, Michelle. Having just come back from a week of intense family time, I can say there’s nothing better than forcing the girls to be together.

  2. Wow, gorgeous photos. So glad you guys are having a good time. What a beautiful place!

  3. Such beautiful girls!

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