Why You Should Not Dance on Your Mommie’s Glass Table


It might just not be strong enough to hold you, and glass might explode all around you. It’s hard to listen when to Mommy when you’re having so much fun dancing!  Thank goodness for the glue, and no stitches!  Bummer to get hurt on my sister’s birthday though.   It made for a very exciting day for my Mom and Dad.    It sure will be fun for Mommy and Daddy keeping my hand dry when we go play in the ocean next week!

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Not Dance on Your Mommie’s Glass Table

  1. Mandy says:

    When I was a kid, my mom put those plastic produce bags on my feet to keep them dry in the snow. I’m sure she’d LOVE that….it was pretty embarrassing!

  2. Mike Lanting says:

    Cuts and scrapes and bruises are part of raising kids,I have been there as you well know!
    I suffered through many broken arms and legs while raising you guys.
    I think it increases your faith,after the trial is over.

  3. What child of yours broke a leg? One I don’t know about yet? Finding out all kinds of interesting thigns…

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