Mikey ate Life Cereal with Blueberries in the Spring

I was shamelessly lured yesterday into buying 99 cent blueberries.  99 cents for a pint!  What a deal!  All through the winter they are usually some ghastly price like $3.99 for a pint.   That’s approximately 20 blueberries, making them about 6.195cents each.  That’s too much for our family, when half of them might end up on the floor anyway.

I dread breakfast in the morning.  I don’t enjoy it.  Ever.  I’ve never been a breakfasty person, but I know I need to eat it.  Opening my refrigerator, I saw the blueberries smiling at me and I was so excited.  Life cereal and blueberries!  Yahoo!

My first bite was strange.  The second was more strange, and stranger it got from there.  My Martins 99cent blueberries were horrid!  I would liken them to blue balls of acid.  At .0495 cents a piece, I would have expected some resemblance to the taste of blueberries.  I was so dismayed.  Winter blueberries. Gag.

Gotta love Life cereal.  Mikey likes it.  I do too.  Minus the blue balls of acid.

2 thoughts on “Mikey ate Life Cereal with Blueberries in the Spring

  1. Ron says:

    Michelle, we also love blueberries in the winter. Here is the trick. Between now and next July save up your plastic ice cream containers. In July get the biggest, juiceist berries from the Blueberry Ranch. Take them home and just put them in the containers. Don’t clean them or wash them because they will keep better this way. Then next February scoop some summer berries onto tha Life cereal and you will be a regular breakfast eater.

  2. Angie says:

    I bought Bing Cherries from Martins – on sale for 3.99 a pound – normally around 7.99 a pound. They, too, were horrid. Sour and Rotten.
    I miss quality fruit in the winter!
    Angie Aquila

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