Working With (my own) Child Actors

Working with my own children on stage at GCC for A Christmas Carol has been interesting indeed.  I sort of expected that the girls would enjoy pretending with me, like a real life game of playing house. Turns out they have creative minds of their own!  It’s Fine with me, but there are parameters, and we are learning to act within them.

We’ve been having fun, but, I have to admit I was up all night after nightmares about Belle dashing off the stage saying things like "I am NOT in this scene, I have more important things to do!" and coming back declaring herself an orphan, not a rich girl, donning her pink flashing boots and red hat….which is exactly what happened last night.

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The big girls don’t want to hold my hand on stage, and won’t listen to me when I tell them where to stand or how to get from here to there.  But, thankfully, there is  Kristin Baker, who is the most phenomenal director I have ever worked with (ever in my life…really).  Kristin can tell them to hold my hand and they will.  She will tell them to smile, and they will. Kristin can kindly ask Belle to please remove her princess laser light flashing pink boots, and she will.  It’s sort of job sharing–works for me!

We have had long practices late at night, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.  Last count 13,500 tickets have been given out.  I am in shock and awe, and excited beyond words that I get to be a part of reaching out to our community in this way.

If you are attending the Christmas Eve service, and happen to see Belle run off the stage, just pretend it’s all part of the play.  She is just being dramatic after all.

2 thoughts on “Working With (my own) Child Actors

  1. So glad you’re doing this with me, and can’t wait to show off you and the girls! You all looked beautiful on Thursday! And remember Belle’s spontaneity is only adding to the fun! 🙂 My nightmares involve technical horrors like lighting boards crashing and videos files corrupted. Unlike Belle, those are not so adorable.But Gd has been blessing this from the beginning, so I know we’re in for an amazing day on Thursday. See you all Sunday night!

  2. Charity B says:

    Just watched the program online (well, I kinda sped through it. It was wonderful. I loved the music concept of it. It kept is simple and packed a punch. And I didn’t see anyone run off stage so I’d say you made it. :o)

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