WWJD 2008

First of all, to all of you lovely people mocking the lovely bridesmaid dresses from our wedding, you need to know they were in the height of fashion in March 1993.  You can look it up yourself.  JCPenny catalogue, page 94. Spring, 1993

I am embarrassed by all the photos Rob posted on his blog from our get-away.  Some things are too personal to share.  I think every photo of me was of me eating, or waiting to eat, or I actually had food in my mouth and tried to cover it up.  I think I consumed more calories in the last 36 hours than in the past month.

WWJD Gino's

This photo was hilarious.  We were seated in this booth at Gino’s East that said WWJD? 2008.  A picture of The Blues Brother’s guy was above our heads.  Maybe Jesus wants me to start a band….(That was a joke)

What would Jesus do if He were me?  Probably eat a lot less junk food for starters.

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