5 thoughts on “You Asked?

  1. Jennifer Prawat says:

    When your girls are fighting, how do you handle it? What if they have to be punished, what do you do? (I have a bit of a different situation, I have 3 boys, but just wondering how you and your husband work through this).

  2. Jenny says:

    What did or do you still do when your girls are fighting in the store? I have a 5, 3 and 1 year old and find many times myself with the 3 grocery shopping which is not fun for them or me. And we live about 30 mins away from the store. Any tips would be amazing!
    Jenny Johnson

  3. Mo says:

    Do your kids believe in Santa? I always grew up believing in the magic of Santa. There was no harm in it but when I found at as a little girl the truth about Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy [i really believed!!haha] I cried for days and asked my parents if Jesus was real too? I took it for what it was…I kept believing in Jesus and stopped believing in everything else.
    Now as a parent, I think the whole Santa part is fun, but I don’t want to lie to Colt.
    How do you operate the Santa issue?
    Mo Breden

  4. Rhoda says:

    First I wanna thank you for opening up to us like this. You’re the best. My question is– What is your favorite book or verse in the bible pertaining to spiritual discipline. And I wanna know what your favorite TV show is.

  5. Tara says:

    What is your advice to single women looking for a future husband?

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