You Asked, They’ll Answer Part 2

We are on the last day of our trip.  Today we  will eat pizza at Spencer Plazza, do a little shopping, and get a teeny bit of sleep before we fly out in the middle of the night tonight. 

 Before our trip lots of you asked the girls questions about what they expected to see and do in India.  I thought it would be fun to play follow up and see what questions you have for them now that they have lived in India for 3 whole weeks.  Ask away!

6 thoughts on “You Asked, They’ll Answer Part 2

  1. Ryan says:

    1) Was Three weeks long enough.
    2) Cheek Pinching… How do you deal?

  2. Angie Aquila says:

    – What was your favorite part of the trip?
    – What was the hardest part of the trip?
    – What is one thing you think you’ll miss about India?
    – Sum up your trip to India in one word.

  3. Jenny Johnson says:

    What are you looking forward to when you get back home?
    What is the first thing you can not wait to eat?

  4. What surprised you the most about India?
    What was the best part of the trip?
    What did you do on the long airplane rides?

  5. Rachel H. says:

    What is your favorite thing you found to bring home to remember your trip by?
    Do any of the kids know how to speak English? ( I am curious about this one because my Compassion boy I sponsor is now 14 and he’s starting to write his letters to me in English now!)
    What food did you try that you were surprised you liked?

  6. Phil W. says:

    When asked “Why did you go”, what will you say?
    Are you glad you went? Why, or why not?
    What one thing have you learned that you wish everyone your age could know?

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