You Asked…They’ll Answer

We are leaving for India in 4 days.  All 3 girls are coming along for the ride.  Since it’s summer break and they’re just loafing around between now and when we leave…what questions do you have for them about our trip? 

Remember, Maddie is 10, Whitney is 9, and Belle is 5–Don’t ask them about the theology of their missional statement or anything like that.  Whatever you ask, I am sure they will have very interesting answers.


10 thoughts on “You Asked…They’ll Answer

  1. Maddie have your parents given you the letters that Oasis/CIA wrote when you were born?
    What do you girls plan on doing on the long plane ride?

  2. What was the first thing you said/did/thought about after hearing you were going to India with your parents?

  3. what will you miss most about being gone from home? what do you think will be the most amazing thing you will get to do?

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