You Carry Her

My final installment in my  barrage of "Parenting" blogs is an unexpected one….which is interesting, because I have found that so much of parenting is living your life in this land of unexpected circumstances.

Yesterday we were having the most lovely day with our friends, Bruce and Jennifer Williams.  They’ve got an amazing log cabin that Bruce built by hand, and lots of property full of deer, foxes, and lots of interesting stuff.  One of the perks of having so much property is having dirt bikes and 4 wheelers and stuff like that.  You can check out a funny video of Bruce driving their baby Zoe on the dirt bike here.

The girls got to go 4 wheeling, I opted out due to some crazy MRI results I got this week on my back.  Jennifer and I went in like good wives to get the pies ready, and Maddie came in crying.  She said her foot got run over by the dirt bike.  It got bluer and bluer, and by the time we drove home, she was in a lot of pain, so I ended up at Med Point with her.  She couldn’t walk (insert comment about crazy MRI results) so I had to carry her.  She’s 9, about 65 pounds, but what other option was there?  She had some x-rays, and it looks like it’s a bad sprain, and she’ll be on crutches and in an air cast for 6-8 weeks.  Poor baby.

By the time we got home last night and got her into bed, my back was hurting so much I could have cried.  But then I was thinking about it, and realized that so much of parenting is exactly that…you carry your kids even when you hurt.  You don’t get a break when you’re tired.  You just keep going.  Hurting is irrelevant.  Sure, you have to take  care of yourself too, but it is no longer top priority.  You carry her.  It’s your job. 

2 thoughts on “You Carry Her

  1. Seven says:

    well, what does the hostess say to that?!?! sorry. i was hoping the warm wash cloth and whip cream would have helped more than it did. maddie, you’re a trooper for trying the trail! we love you!! mama wegner … i don’t know how you do it, but, you’re right, you carry her. it won’t be the last time. sending you strength.

  2. Heather Stevens says:

    Ahh! Poor Maddie! Tell her to get better soon, I really hope she isn’t in too much pain!
    I’ll be praying for her! Thanks for the email with the pictures!
    Love, Heather

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