You Don’t Have To Be…

You don’t have to be

Famous to be a hero. 

You don’t have to be known, heard of, or liked. 

You Don’t have to be a phenomenal speaker, author, blogger, or musician to be counted among God’s elite.

You just have to be.

Be You.

Be who He made you to be. 

Make your next move.

Fly your next plane. 

Drive to that place,

Arrive wearing the joy in knowing He made you on purpose, for His purpose.

Do your next right thing,

and watch how He shines in you, through you, and all around you.


photo by brittani renee

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Be…

  1. Ruth says:

    Michelle, thank you for these words of wisdom. I needed to hear this. Keep on using the gifts God gave you. Your writings inspire many.

  2. mdwegner says:

    Thanks Ruth. Your words always encourage me.

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