You Don’t Mess With Family

If you want to see me mad, really mad, talk bad about my family and you’ll see it for yourself.  I’m not just talking about the 5 of us that make up the Wegner clan, but those that make up the staff, spouses, and members of my church

Rob and I are going on our 16th summer at GCC.  It has been an amazing ride.  I have been around churches my entire 35 years of life.  I’ve seen it all.  The church culture is part of my DNA, although I have taken gigantic steps away from a part of that culture that has always sickened me.  I have never understood how some church people can be so cruel to their staff members.

One thing I have loved about GCC since the minute I set foot in the door of the cinema’s almost 16 years ago is the deep love people have for one another.  I sensed it immediately.  Once I knew it was real, I knew Rob and I were here to stay.   There is no place we’d rather be.  No place we’d rather serve Jesus.  There have been a few stumbling blocks on the way, but over-all, I think this is one of  the healthiest, most loving churches in America.  Believe me, I’ve been around. 

So, I think that is why when one of our leaders gets criticized, I am ultra-sensitive to the matter.  That’s family.  That’s a part of God’s vision and blessing on this ministry. 

I am reminded of Miriam, Moses’ own sister who was struck with leprosy when she criticized God’s servant Moses.  I’m surprised God doesn’t do more of that today.  We certainly all deserve it.

Let’s be full of love, admiration and respect for one another.  Let’s love one another so deeply that the world is amazed and can not help but be drawn to Jesus because of it.  I’d hate it if one of us were to be stuck with leprosy for criticizing one of God’s own appointed leaders. 


One thought on “You Don’t Mess With Family

  1. Thomas Hoyt says:

    Wow Michelle…amen.
    I love GCC too. I didn’t grow up in the church. I have no religious background in me to compete with, and I think this is a blessing in so many ways. I first set foot inside GCC in the Fall of 2003…the Superheros series. Wow! I couldn’t believe it was church at first. Then I saw Jesus everywhere I looked. Here are a group of people who are willing to throw all church traditions out the window and engage the culture in which we live to effectively communicate “hey! you matter to God and to us, but words aren’t enough so let us show you!”
    It shocks me, but doesn’t surprise me, how quick so many of us, even inside the church, are to judge and condemn one another. AHEM…didn’t Jesus say not to judge others else we be judged??? C’mon people, practice what you preach!
    Hey, feel free to check out my blog.

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