Your Sweet Spot

Ok, so after all my blabbing about our amazing, terrific, fantastic, wonderful vacation to Sedona…I was wondering,

What’s your “sweet spot”?  Where’s the best vacation you ever took and why?

7 thoughts on “Your Sweet Spot

  1. Honeymoon to Jamacia. Still high from our wedding bliss and learning love. So beautiful. We hope to be debt free in a year then start planning a 5 year ann. trip to Hawaii.
    That pretty much is the only vacation I’ve taken as an adult. BUT on a more memorable, sentimental note…my heart is at Diamond Lake. That was our family vacation spot every year, summer after summer. So many memories. The best part about it was the simplicity of the trip. Family, fishing and hot dogs. Ahh…warm fuzzies.

  2. Ooooh, that’s a toughie. I’ve been to a lot of wonderful places, but the place that is probably the most special to our whole family is Kiawah Island, SC. Absolutely beautiful. So relaxing. Great family time. And we’re headed there on Friday — I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  3. 25th Anniversary trip to Oahu, HI. The beauty of the people (they kiss visitors welcoming them to their church), the breath-taking beauty of the mountains and plant/flower life, and the beauty of looking out on the ocean and feeling the warm and gentle breezes blowing across your face. It was a spiritual experience.

  4. Jauncho’s restaurant on the beach in Cabo at breakfast time.
    Beans & eggs for breakfast. Followed by hours of lounging in a chair under an embrella laughing w/ hubs.

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