YOUR Thoughts on Pain

You’ve heard me ramble on and on about what I have learned about pain in my short 36 years.  I did a Twitter/Facebook poll posing the question:  Why does God Allow Pain?  I was stunned at the response and interest in this question.  I did not include every entry because some of you really like to talk a lot, and I though 45 or so short responses would suffice to get a point across.

Take a minute to scan through these responses.  I would seriously love to hear your feedback after you read through everyone’s unique opinion about the question of suffering and pain.

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3 thoughts on “YOUR Thoughts on Pain

  1. Don’t forget that pain also is a signal that something is wrong. There are people in this world who do not feel pain, and they are in grave danger because of this condition.

  2. This has been an interesting journey, Michelle. Pain is such a personal subject for so many, yet we all suffer at some point with it. Thank you for sharing.

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