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Mexico 2011 074 My blogging brain is officially on hold. I’ve been working on numerous projects (that made me sound really important, but really, it’s more like laundry, cooking, mopping, writing for some other places, taking care of a very sick kid, more cooking, cleaning and mopping).

So, it’s your turn! What do you want to know? I love doing these “You Asked” posts because I love the questions you have!

The Rules:

Ask anything you want. Really! Anything. Life, family, marriage, ministry, travel, books….whatever! I want to hear what you have to say. I’ll do my best to answer honestly. Transparency has always been a very valuable thing to me, and I never want to have “secrets”. An open life is a life one can learn and grow from, and I’m wide open! Ask away. I’ll be waiting.

5 thoughts on “Your Turn!

  1. erica barker says:

    what are your thoughts on hell? my fiance’ and I have been examining the bible and now with this new “Rob Bell controversy”, I was just wondering your take on it. 🙂 feel free to e-mail me directly or via fb if this is too deep for a blog. haha

  2. Lori Gnott says:

    Well…since you and I share The Hiding Place as our favorite book of all time, question #1 is what is your #2 book? Question 2 is would you consider sharing your house sitter, Jessica? I have read about her in your blog, and if she is interested she could email me at We are a nice family in edwardsburg, attend GCC, and occasionally need help to watch our house, dog, and cat. I thought of asking you a while ago, but only now thought I could since we could ask anything 🙂 I know you do not know me, but we have known Beesons for years. Love your blog!

  3. Meagan says:

    I have one for you. You are a wife, mother, writer and more. How do you balance all those roles? Have there ever been periods of time when those roles have conflicted with one another?

  4. Larry says:

    Ok, I’m going to have to echo Erica’s question! 🙂 I am absolutely bewildered by the responses I am seeing in response to Rob Bells’ book! I can’t count the number of times I’ve said “Huh??!?!” in the past two weeks. First, ‘defenders of truth’ paint the poor guy in the worst light possible. Then many evangelical voices slam them but never address the question ‘what SHOULD our response be to teaching that seems to be against the very heart of the gospel?’ Then all of a sudden it gets personal, as several very close friends and respected church leaders who I esteem *very* highly have been expressing opinions that could be best described as Evangelical Universalism. Now, I see this post from your Exec Pastor Tim Stevens —

    I assume you’ve seen his post? I watched the video and wanted to scream. So now I am about as confused as I think I’ve even been since becoming a Christian. Either my understanding of the very heart of the gospel is completely wrong, as well as my understanding of how Scripture expects us to respond to false teaching, *OR* some of the most respected voices in my world have things completely wrong. I absolutely love what my friends are doing to help people grow in their faith (and in the good that Bell seems to be doing in his community), but why on earth do we even bother studying theology if people can have such divergent ideas on absolutely central points of faith and yet have actions or fruit that are so Christ-centered??

    You wrote “I’ll be thinking on how to answer that one!” Me too Sistah! I hope you come up with something insightful; I could use some help here 🙂

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