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Would you sell your house to save your furry friend’s life? Rambo’s story

“I would sell my house for her”: a man has to spend over 13,000 euros to treat his seriously ill dog

Today’s heartwarming story of hope tales us to Nîmes, France, where a man is ready to do anything to save his dog. Over the past weeks, he has been sharing his story on social media, to find the necessary funds to pay for the veterinary care his animal desperately needs.

“I would sell my house for her,” he says in the video. His dog, a 5-year-old female named Fiona, has been diagnosed with an incurable disease that requires expensive treatment.

“I won’t let her die,” he says in the video. “I’m begging for help. Please help me save my dog.”

A devoted dog owner was willing to go to extraordinary lengths to save his beloved pet’s life.

Jaxon’s two-year-old Weimaraner, Rambo, fell into hypovolemic shock, a condition that prevented her heart from pumping blood to her body.

She also suffered from gastroenteritis, causing her health to deteriorate rapidly. Jaxon rushed her to the emergency vet, where she received round-the-clock care, costing over £1,000 ($1,200 USD) per day.

Even with insurance coverage up to £6,500 ($7,800), the bill reached £11,500 ($13,800) in just one week.

Desperate to save Rambo’s life, Jaxon launched a GoFundMe campaign and indicated that he was even willing to sell his house to pay for her treatment.

Over 600 people donated to the cause, raising £10,000 ($12,000) to cover Rambo’s medical expenses. With less invasive therapies, she recovered, and they were able to avoid surgery altogether.

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