Advent Night #3 Give More


Last night was our 3rd Family Advent night.  The girls might not call it that, but they are enjoying our focus on the meaning of the season.  Here’s what we did:

Every year since before Maddie was born, Rob and I have made hot cocoa, cookies, headed out in the snow to drive around Winding Brook, a subdivision near us that goes all out for Christmas and enjoy the amazing displays of lights.

We told the girls that when Maddie was about 15 months old, we took her and instead of saying “wow” at the lights, she would say “ow!” so, of course, the whole night they would say “ow” whenever they saw a display they really liked.  That got slightly annoying.

Before we headed out, we read from the Bible about God the Father giving the greatest gift of all, His only son Jesus.  Then we listened to Michael Card’s song, The Promise.  Belle was yelling over it the whole time trying to tell us something about a mean girl at preschool or something, but the rest of us got the point. 

I made a very special hot cocoa recipe which I snuck off of my friend Amy’s website momadvice.  It totally rocked!  I plan on keeping a stock of it in our pantry and never buying that icky packaged stuff again.

While we were driving and drinking our cocoa and munching warm cookies, we talked about what we have been giving so far this season.

  • We served at Son City Kids as a family this past weekend
  • Maddie and her 4th/5th grade class from church packed backpacks full of new school supplies for Son City Kids and handed them out at Edison Gardens Monday.
  • Whitney brought grace and peace to many through her performance in The Christmas Story
  • Belle made us all giggle both at the GCC Christmas performance, as well as her preschool performance.  She got to sing in front of hundreds of people w/her daddy!  It was awesome!

We are really trying to open the girls eyes to ways they can give back to God and say Thank you to Him for all He has done for us.  We could never repay Him for what He has done…that’s not the idea.  We give out of gratitude and a spirit of joy and praise.

Your turn!  How are you and your family giving back this Christmas season?  We’d all love to hear about it.

One thought on “Advent Night #3 Give More

  1. Amy says:

    PHEW! I am so glad you liked it since I know you don’t like the packaged stuff. It is our family favorite so it is always exciting when you see other people are making your stuff in their kitchen too.
    I love your ideas for giving and what your family has done. I am so proud to be your friend!

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