All of Creation

God’s creation is something I have been in awe of my entire life. Growing up in Chicago, my world included much concrete and not a lot of natural wonders. My bedroom window faced the sunrise, and I always loved watching the sun pop up, gray and dismal as Chicago could be at times. The light of the sun always brought me joy.

Living in that environment caused me to look harder at what was around me in nature and see beautiful, wonderous things many people walked past without noticing. I would lay on my roof, watching the clouds go by at night, gaze up at trees while sitting next to them reading. Once, we found a snake, and it was the most fascinating and fantastic thing that happened to any of my friends and me for that whole summer. We carried it around in a bucket to show all our less than excited adult neighbors. To us, this garden snake was an exotic creature. An alien could have landed on our front lawn, and we would not have been more excited or surprised.

I have to say, since moving to Kansas, my appreciation for snakes has declined a bit. Kansan snakes are scary, big, and some are venomous. I won’t be carrying any around in buckets, nor encouraging anyone else to do so.

I am, however, always in awe of the sky here in Kansas. I have never seen more colorful sunrises and sunsets, and they fill me with deep joy. The sunflowers, too…standing in an ocean of yellow as the sun rose on the edge of the horizon was a sacred moment, full of God. Capturing moments like those in words or photography will always be a challenge, but I am up for it. I want to share God’s artistic genius with the world so they will know and love Him, see Him for who He is, a wise and wonderful God who made all of it for us to enjoy.

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