Anniversary Blues

blueman-756904 Rob and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary this past weekend.  Last year we went to Sedona, Arizona for a few days, but this year we decided to save some money and just do a local thing.  We were able to get a room at the Sheraton Towers through Priceline for ridiculously cheap.  We decided to go see Blue Man, since neither of us had ever seen them live.

Right after we got to our seat, the usher came over to us and asked us if we would like to be in the show.  Rob said “yes”, and I immediately felt like I was going to faint.  The usher took us to the very back row, and told us that we were going to be the “late” couple.  We didn’t have many other details, and I prepared myself for anything.

While we were waiting for the show to start, there were funny announcements going across the screen…they had one woman med Cheryl stand up because she had just won the Pulitzer prize.  Another Guy was asked to stand up because he had mapped the human genome.  Everyone had to congratulate them, say funny things to them, etc.  Then it said, “Everyone say Hi to Rob Wegner!  Rob stood up and yelled (we were in the far back row), then the screen said, “…because he its a man of entirely no consequence…he’s pretty ordinary and hasn’t accomplished much…he must be very lonely and sad….everyone say, “We love you Rob to make him feel better”…and it went on and on.  We laughed so hard.

When the time came for us to “walk in late”, they blasted this loud alarm, a sign that said, “YOU’RE LATE” flashed on the screen, they played this “you’re late, you’re late song, the Blue Men stopped what they were doing and glared at us (VERY SCARY!) I was breaking out in hives at this point (for real)…and Rob decided to ham it up and hide behind me so he didn’t get on the screen.  It was both horrifying and hilarious at the same time.  It is the only time in all my years of knowing Rob that he has hidden behind me for anything.  They paid us $10 to do it, so he decided to earn his  money.  People laughed, so it was great.  The Blue Men acted like they were going to launch these balloons filled with some sort of mush at us, and I am really glad they didn’t.  

Once the pressure was off, I really enjoyed the show.  It was so unbelievably creative and fun.  Rob and I went to a little Italian place near the theater afterward and had a great conversation about creativity and innovation.

We had a great 30 hours away, and are so thankful for Rick and Maribeth taking all 3 girls for us so we didn’t have to pay a babysitter.  It was great to know they were having a blast and being spoiled by 2 of their favorite people.

It is so important for Rob and I to get away alone together to celebrate these important milestones.  It was great to talk without being interrupted, go to sleep when we wanted, eat whenever, and sleep in a little. 

Next year we decided we are going to Greece.  Ha!  Just dreaming, but we think it would be amazing.

6 thoughts on “Anniversary Blues

  1. Tammy says:

    So happy you guys had such a great time. It’s awesome that you take the time to write about it, too. Thanks for the details on the Blue Man group show. I have never seen it and it sounds like i might want to! Also, you mentioned going to Sedona last year. My husband and I are headed there in a few weeks for spring break. Any sights/restaurants/hiking spots you’d recommend? The resort we’re staying at offers all kinds of activities that we are looking forward to. yoga, pilates, painting, photography-not that we want to be busy every day, but it’s nice to have options.
    Thanks, Tammy Weisweaver

  2. Ryan says:

    You are so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who is able to do so well in so many different social situations.

  3. Rindy Walton says:

    Sounds like an awesome time!! Great memories created!!

  4. Lori Wilhite says:

    Happy Anniversary. We love Blue Man Group. I knew you would have a wonderful time. And you got to be super stars which, of course, makes it extra fun!

  5. Kathy Friend says:

    Happy Anniversary! I am so glad you guys got to do something that created such a fun memory.

  6. DisneyCyndi says:

    Why is that I think there will be some kind of blue man in Granger’s future? Great story. I would have freaked!

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