It’s official! I’m a Barnstalker.  A Barnstalker is someone who owns an iPhone and makes whoever is driving in the car or riding along in the car while THEY are driving pull over to snap a photo of a rustic old barn somewhere on some country road.  I’ve found lots of neat old barns within just a few miles of our house.  Here are just a few of my faves.

I took and edited all of these pics with my iPhone 4 and shared them first on Instagram.


8 thoughts on “Barnstalking.

  1. Kelly Regier says:

    These are FANTASTIC Michelle! There’s an amazing barn over my way on CR 17 (Elkhart) you absolutely MUST check out. It’s just a skeleton. It’s texturally tantalizing 🙂 You would love it.

  2. kelsey says:

    is it crazy that i know where most of your barn pictures were taken? (also loved your picture of smith’s chapel, that place is a favorite of mine)

  3. Lori gnott says:

    My hubby disassembled a historic round barn in Indiana and moved it piece by piece to our home in Edwardsburg…yes, he is very industrious! He and a good friend are giving it new life by putting it back up. Would love it if you came by….Yankee st. It is not complete yet, but hope it will be for our son’s graduation party in 2013!

  4. I’m waiting to see your Quilt Barn series. You know, barns with quilt blocks painted on the sides. Those are my favorites.

  5. Oh yes, there is such a thing. There are a couple of books about them. Here’s one (on Amazon) There may be some in Elkhart County along the Heritage Trail. Or the Quilt Garden Trail, I know there are a few on buildings but they may just be local businesses, not sure about barns. We saw quite a few barns with Quilt Paintings when we were in Iowa a few years ago. I WISH I had stopped and taken pictures of all of them.

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