Book Review Day

                                                               Gertruda’s Oath by Ram Oren

This was the most amazing *new* book I have read all year.

During World War 2, Gertruda is a nanny for a wealthy Jewish family.  Gertruda shows what real love, and real devotion is by sheltering the child she is a nanny for with all her available resources.    I can not help but recalling the verse in the Bible that says, "There is no greater love than he who lays down his life for a friend" when I think through the pages of this book, and the real events that occurred in Gertruda and Michael's lives.

This is a true story of selfless love, profound devotion, and exemplary character.  I was challenged to my core by placing myself in Gertruda's position, wondering if I would have gone to the extents that she did to bring Michael safely through a brutal war, and finally to Palestine, the promised land.

I am a very busy mom, but I found myself walking around with this book in my hands from room to room, reading what I could when I could.  A truly amazing story.  Well worth the read.  I checked Amazon, and it is also available on Kindle here.  Have you tried the Kindle for iPhone app if you have an iPhone?  Amazing.

This book is available to the rest of the public on August 4th.  I am special.  I got to read it first! 

The Noticer by Andy Andrews

A mysterious old man named Jones has a miraculous way of showing up at just the right time, in just the right place.The Noticer is the story of an elderly man who has the simple gift of noticing things about others.   He carries a small suitcase and shows up in the lives of ordinary people offering his wit and wisdom to help them through their current situations, essentially, “planting seeds” that will grow with nurturing over time.  He offers them new perspectives on the situations they have been grappling with. With every character he meets in the book, his wisdom guides them out of their mess, and they start living from the new perspective that Jones offered.

Although the nobility of Jones is interesting and endearing, I felt this book was disjointed and confusing.  The storyline was hard for me to follow because of all the different characters with all their unique problems.  I felt like Jones was a very flat, flawless character floating from here to there showing up and freaking people out.  The whole time I was reading the book I kept thinking about Clarence from “its a wonderful life” and wondering if Jones was also trying to get his wings.

This book does have a redeeming value in that it is sort of a self-help book in disguise, and it is an easy read.  You can purchase the book here.

In The Footsteps of Paul  by Ken Duncan

In The Footsteps of Paul is an stunning photo book by photojournalist Ken Duncan, author and photographer of Where Jesus Walked, and The Passion.  The book follows every step of the apostle Paul as written and recorded in the Bible, using captivating photography to visually illustrate his life. There are Passages from the Bible, and quotes by authors, pastors, and Christians throughout history to verbally illustrate his life alongside the magnificent photos.

The downside of growing up in the United States,( especially in the middle of Indiana), is that there is nothing old.  The oldest thing in our town is an abandon barn built sometime early 1900’s.  There is simply nothing ancient.  For me growing up, picturing ancient relics as told about in the Bible was like trying to color while colorblind.  This book literally brings the Holy Land alive.  It not only traces the footsteps of Paul, but it gives life to the stories, passion to the force and meaning of his life.

For anyone remotely interested in Biblical history, The Bible, or the life of the Apostle Paul, this book is a home-run.  I would highly recommend In The Footsteps of Paul as a gift for anyone who is hard to buy for. It is truly a fascinating way to look at the life of the Apostle Paul.  Order this book here.

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