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Brain teaser: can you outsmart the zebras and prove your genius-level IQ?

Think you’ve got what it takes to outsmart a zebra? Put your math IQ to the test with this fun and challenging brain teaser! Ready to prove you’re the ultimate math whiz? Take on this brain teaser and show us how it’s done!

Welcome to today’s puzzle of the day! Are you ready to test your logic and thinking skills? Today’s challenge is to hydrate the zebras!

To solve this puzzle, we will have to use our thinking power to come up with the logical solution as to which zebra is in the right spot to enjoy a nice drink within 30 seconds!

How quickly can you solve this puzzle? Let’s find out!

Solving the medium-level challenge: quenching the zebras’ thirst

Can you work out which zebra will be able to quench its thirst?

This is a medium-level challenge that will require some problem-solving skills. Take a good look at the water tanks in the image and work out which one will fill up to provide water to the thirsy zebra in waiting.

Water tank
(c) michellewegner

Training your logical mind is essential to success in many areas, but when it comes to water tank challenges, it’s even more important. Training the brain helps us to break down problems and develop creative solutions. It helps us to analyze information, understand trends, and make better decisions.

By developing a strong logical mind, not only will you be better prepared to for these fun puzzles but you’ll be able to more easily identify problems and create innovative solutions in other areas of life.

With practice, you can develop the skills needed to successfully use logic and reasoning in any situation.

Have you solved the problem yet? Let’s find out! Click the next page and we’ll see if you’ve cracked the code!

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