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Brain teaser: crack the code to solve the animal equation in 12 seconds!

Are you ready to test your coding skills? Challenge yourself to Crack the Animal Code and see if you can figure out the mystery!

Welcome to today’s animal brain teaser!

Brain teasers help to sharpen our problem solving skills, and today’s challenge is no exception. We have a picture with four animals and four values assigned to them.

Your task is to crack the code and figure out the missing answer by using the information given in the picture. This puzzle will require you to use your logical thinking skills in order to make sense of the calculation and come up with the correct answer.

Can you solve it? Give it a shot!

Rules to follow when solving the challenge

In order to complete this challenge, one must be attentive and focused. It is important to look carefully and concentrate in order to comprehend the task at hand.

This puzzle requires that one take note of the number and type of animals contained within each line of the equation.

Every animal has a numeric value assigned to it that must be taken into account when completing the final calculation.

The difficulty level for this challenge is of a medium difficulty.

The animal code challenge requires a person with extraordinary thinking and problem-solving skills.

Only individuals with higher IQ or genius-level intelligence can crack the code in 12 seconds

Are you up for the challenge? Think you have what it takes? Prove it!

Brain teaser: crack the code to solve the animal equation in 12 seconds!
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Have you cracked the animal code yet? Let’s find out if you’ve managed to avoid the traps on the next page – let’s go!

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