Chicago Ice Skating

Two weekends ago we loaded up the family and headed to Chicago for our 2nd Instagram meet up. (Where you go and hang out with other crazy people who like to take pictures on their iPhones). We met at Millenium Park for some fabulous ice skating (I only fell once!).  It was great fun.  Rob, being the true gentleman that he is, dropped us off so we didn’t have to walk so far once he found a parking spot.  He came back in a bit to join us, saying that he found a great spot.  We skated awhile, had a great time, then went to get some dinner.  We were freezing cold, but were having a great time.  After dinner, Rob went to put a little more money in the meter since our time was almost up.

A few minutes later while the girls and I were admiring Luminous Field, he called and said our van had been towed. My cell phone battery was almost dead, and I told him to stop kidding me.  He apparently wasn’t, so he said he’d call once he found where they’d towed our van.  Then my cell phone died.  For real. I had no idea where to find him. The girls and I started walking toward where we had originally parked, by this time we were really, really cold. We snuck into a parking garage to get out of the cold for a minute. Impulsively, I prayed out loud that Jesus wold help us find Daddy and he’d know where we were.  The people around us looked at me like I was crazy, but I didn’t care.  🙂

After a few minutes of waiting, I took the cell phone in my hands and prayed that Jesus would do a miracle and let my phone turn on.  It did. The phone rang, and it was Rob saying he was just a block away after paying an enormous towing  bill to get our van out.

It’s times like those that I know God is smiling, knowing that it was a tough lesson, but the girls got to see His hand at work, making sure they were safe.  It’s little miracles like a cell phone battery coming back to life that we celebrate in our family as “God at Work,” and don’t pass them off as coincidences.

I’d love to hear your “God at Work” stories! Please share one in the comments…we’d all love to hear!

One thought on “Chicago Ice Skating

  1. Stacy Bice says:

    My story started last August. I met w/a personal trainer & was ready to start working w/her. Then my husband lost his job, so I had to put it off. I saw an ad in the paper for a local gym last week & made an appt to meet w/someone (not the same place as last August).
    At my appt, I kept thinking the trainer looked familiar. I came home & checked my old email from Aug. I was right, it was the same person. She was now working for a different gym b/c she was struggling to get her own personal training business off the ground.
    Long story longer…I emailed her & told her about our meeting in August. Now she is my personal trainer at her business. Best part is she goes to GCC & we know many of the same people.
    It is definitely a “God at Work” story, not just a coincidence our paths have crossed again.

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