Constantly Creating

Summer has arrived at our house in full swing.  We’ve stayed up late, slept in, gone swimming, had cook outs, watched hours of TV and played on the computer.  My favorite thing of all about our less scheduled times at home has been creating stuff.  When I create, I feel closest to our Creator.

I have been loving playing around with Instagram, an iPhone photo app that allows you to upload and edit your iPhone photos in very unique ways.  It’s also a social media site that allows you to connect with other Instagram people from all over the world.  We all see photos from around the world on the news or on the web. It has been such a neat thing to see other people’s lives in real time from places like Austria, Japan, Australia, London, etc.  Who would have guessed that an iPhone app could give you a broader perspective of your own world view?

The photos here are just a few from the past few weeks.  Whatever you do to create, don’t stop! Go ahead and give yourself permission to exercise that right brain muscle and see what happens. I’d love to hear about what you to create!



2 thoughts on “Constantly Creating

  1. Lucy Mills says:

    What gorgeous pics. I love creating, too!

  2. Amy Argo says:

    I just love following you on Instagram. I could actually “like” every photo. Such creativity and insight…almost makes me jealous 😉

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