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Desperate ‘Unicorn Dog’ with head and stomach injuries faces euthanasia

Heartwrenching tale of Strawberry, the ‘Unicorn Dog’ finally rescued from death row

Today’s rescue story focuses on a pit bull named Strawberry, affectionately known as the “unicorn dog”.

After 2 years of neglect and sentences to be euthanized at the last shelter she was moved to, the poorly pup has finally found a loving home in South Pasadena.

The unicorn dog: how one pit bull’s unique appearance nearly led to her euthanization

In a world where countless animals are abandoned or mistreated, Strawberry’s story is one of hope and redemption.

The two-year-old pit bull was rescued from a life of neglect by the La Belle Foundation in Los Angeles, but her journey to finding a loving home was far from easy.

The article from today.com details how the La Belle Foundation rescued Strawberry and revealed the dog had suffered from many injuries including horrible infected scratches on her swollen face, two large lumps on her head and rocks in her stomach.

Despite her sweet nature, shelters had deemed her unadoptable due to the lumps. The previous shelters Strawberry was left in believed one of the lumps was a tumor and planned on euthanizing her.

However, once La Belle Foundtion did further tests, the lump turned out to be scar tissue from an old injury and not life-threatening.

Rescued from the brink: strawberry the pit bull’s incredible journey to finding a forever home

After her recovery, Strawberry was still unable to find a permanent home. But fate finally intervened when the Kuhlman family of South Pasadena saw her picture online and knew they had to take her.

Having recently lost their furry companion, they spotted Strawberry’s adoption profile online and couldn’t resist her sweet face.

Kristen Kuhlman felt that something spoke to her about Strawberry, and the family decided to give her a new home filled with love and affection.

The family’s twin children, Jack and Claire, enjoy playing fetch with Strawberry and snuggling with their new dog.

Despite being initially concerned about the bump on Strawberry’s head, which may have caused some people to pass on adopting her, the family decided to keep her name as “Strawberry.”

Her unique bump on the head makes her stand out in the neighborhood, and many people roll down their windows to say hello to the beloved pup.

Although Strawberry had to undergo surgery to remove foreign objects in her stomach and spaying, the family decided to leave the scar tissue on her head for fear of inducing brain trauma.

But, they love their little “unicorn” dog just the way she is, and they are thrilled that Strawberry is healing and experiencing a long, happy life full of love.

Overcoming adversity: strawberry the pit bull’s story of survival and second chances

Strawberry’s rescue and subsequent adoption are a testament to the transformative power of animal welfare groups and demonstrates how shelter pets can bring much love, joy and happiness to their new families.

Her journey is one of resilience and the loving nature of pit bulls.

Her new family is grateful to have her in their lives and are committed to giving her the best life possible. With her playful personality and loving disposition, Strawberry is a true ambassador for her breed.

Please feel free to share this inspiring story with others, and be sure to check back for more heartwarming tales of animal rescue and survival. Thank you for reading!

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