Dr. Angie

My friend Angie is a Doctor!  A real one!  I am so proud of her, I can’t stand it.  I met Angie when she was around 12.  She was so shy she wouldn’t look at me or talk to me.  It took a while, but slowly, I realized that there was a very silly, funny little girl under all that shyness.  Very quickly after that we became good friends. 

Angie gave her life to Christ at an event we were a part of as a Youth Ministry.  Very soon after that, God made it so clear to her, us, her family, etc. that she was supposed to be a doctor.  I have never met another girl more tenacious in her goals.  Not only was Ang to be a doctor, but she was to be a doctor making no money, serving the poor and less fortunate in third world countries.  God made the vision clear to her.  Her parents are amazing.  They gave her every ounce of support possible.  Who would want their daughter to grow up, become a doctor in some strange third world culture, make no money to support them in their retirement so they can live happily ever after?

The Qualey’s are amazing.  Angie is amazing.  I am SOOOO proud to be in a sort of mentoring relationship with her.  I only hope I can keep up with her, because she is way smarter and stronger than me.

Angie, Rob and I are so proud of you and we love you!

I still don’t think you’re old enough to date boys.  I can’t get my head around that one.  :0)

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  1. Angie says:

    Thanks for the nice post! You and Rob’s encouragement has meant so much to me over the years!

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