Eve and Cassandra

In my small group, we are studying about the lives of women in the Bible that are painted as Bad characters.  So far we have looked at Eve and Potiphar's wife, you know, the one who seduced Joseph-not the Technicolor Dream Coat guy, but the real Joseph, as in the Bible.  The thing that has really gotten to me and suprised me is how much alike these two women are to yours truly.  Eve's curiosity got her in trouble.  She was good at blaming others.  But, she was naieve, and thought she could possibly be smarter than God and Adam.  Ahem… I do relate.

And Mrs. Potiphar.  Poor Mrs. Potiphar.  She didn't even get a name.  Our small group decided to name her Cassandra, or Cassie for short.  We think she was in the midst of an identity crisis.  No one knew her, not even well enough to figure out that she had a name.

I do relate.

I am Rob's Wife, The Pastor's wife, Whitney, Maddie, and Isabelle's Mom, RobinMichelle (a character created in people's minds that have heard of Rob and Michelle and think they are one person, which I guess is true, but we really do each have our own identity)

I have been called worse, but I won't write about that here.

These women were human.  They were like us.  They each believed a lie the enemy of their soul told them, and they entertained that lie for a while, then believed it, then acted on it.

How close are we to believing the lie?  Could we act on it?  Would we?

These are terrifying thoughts, but important ones to consider.

Who or what is keeping you from believing the lies the enemy of your soul is telling you?  or…Have you already done the deed?   How are you going to get back?  It's not too late you know.

Eve turned her life around.  Cassie didn't .  What are you gonna do?

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