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Fate of baby Bengal tiger for sale on social media hangs in the balance

Rescuers step in to save endangered animal from Illegal pet trade

Animal news and rescue stories often remind us of the good in people and the value they put on our furry friends. The story of a Bengal tiger rescued from an illegal private owner is no exception.

This article highlights the rescue and rehabilitation of a young Bengal tiger, whose future was uncertain before the efforts of dedicated wildlife advocates.

Read on to discover how a little girl with a tumultuous start in life was given a second chance thanks to the commitment of passionate animal lovers.

A Desperate Situation

In a heartwarming tale of rescue and rehabilitation, a baby bengal tiger was saved from a potential tragic fate by the efforts of local authorities and a wildlife sanctuary.

It all began when the Phoenix police received a tip that someone was attempting to sell a baby tiger on Facebook Marketplace for $25,000. Upon investigation, the police found the offer to be legitimate and discovered the tiger along with a baby alligator and several snapping turtles in south Phoenix.

It is illegal to privately own a tiger as a pet in Arizona and most US states, so the man attempting the sale was arrested. Fortunately, the Arizona Game & Fish Department knew just who to call to care for the tiger temporarily – Southwest Wildlife.

A happy ending

The tiger was examined by U.S. Fish & Wildlife service veterinarians alongside Southwest Wildlife veterinarians Dr. Suny and Dr. Colin.

They were relieved to find that the tiger was not suffering from any potential diseases or other conditions and was rescued at the perfect time.

The sanctuary staff provided her with a safe place to land, expert care, and plenty of enrichment, including increasing amounts of meat, specialized formula, tuff toys, platforms to play and run, and large tubs of water to swim.

Thanks to the support of animal lovers and the expert care of the sanctuary staff, the once-fragile tiger has gained 10 pounds weekly and now weighs 50 pounds.

While she will not stay at the sanctuary permanently, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is working with local law enforcement agencies and the court systems to relocate her to a facility that cares for other tigers.

The little tiger’s rescue and rehabilitation are a testament to the power of compassion and determination.

Without the intervention of authorities and the sanctuary staff, the tiger’s fate could have been much different. Instead, she will live out her life peacefully and well-cared for, thanks to the support of animal lovers who believe that wildlife deserves a place in our world.

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