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Felicity the bulldog’s desperate need for life-saving surgery after years of abuse and neglect

The inspiring story of how one rescue group saved a French Bulldog’s life

Rescue stories have a unique way of touching the heart of people, and Felicity’s is no exception.

These stories often capture the best of human kindness and show the power of empathy and compassion. When Felicity was rescued, she was severely neglected and mistreated.

Her story is a call to action, and we can all play a part in creating a better world for animals.

Felicity’s story

Felicity’s story is unfortunately not uncommon. Many animals are mistreated and left without care, but luckily there are organizations like SoCal French Bulldog Rescue that step in to help.

Felicity’s owner did not want to take responsibility for her care when she developed ear problems. Instead of seeking treatment, he took her back to the breeder and told them to put her down.

The breeder, who did not want to spend the money on Felicity’s medical expenses, agreed to the owner’s request. Felicity was then left at the vet’s office to be put to sleep.

Fortunately, the vet’s office contacted SoCal French Bulldog Rescue to see if they could help. The organization immediately got to work and raised enough funds to help Felicity.

They were able to remove a tumor from Felicity’s ear and perform a complex surgery to remove the infected ear canal.

Thanks to the generosity of the bulldog-loving community, Felicity was able to receive the care she needed.

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Moving on to a better life

Today, Felicity is living a happy and healthy life, thanks to the kindness and support of the bulldog-loving community. After receiving the medical care she needed, Felicity was given lots of love and attention while she recovered from her surgery.

Eventually, Felicity found her forever home with a family who adores her and gives her all the love and care she deserves.

It’s heartwarming to see Felicity living the happy life she deserves, surrounded by people who love her. Her story is a reminder of the difference that a caring community can make in the lives of animals in need.

Please take the time to share are stories to spread the word on the importance of animal welfare organizations.  You can read more of our latest rescue articles here: Abandoned pony with hugely overgrown hooves : Stella’s emotional journey to recovery and Fate of baby Bengal tiger for sale on social media hangs in the balance

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