Finding Our Maker (While Wandering West)

I mentioned in a previous post that one of the unexpected surprises for me personally along our sabbatical journey this summer was the way I saw God everywhere. The God who made me made the Grand Tetons. The God who made me made Old Faithful to spout, spray, and show off every 88 minutes or so. The God who made me saw Pike’s Peak before Katherine Bates hiked up in 1893 and was so moved that she composed the lyrics to “America the Beautiful” at the top.”

Our friend Steve at the Potter’s Inn made a point to tell us as we sat on his porch with his wife Gwen, “See that mountain over there…Pikes Peak? God made that mountain. God made you. Katherine Bates wrote a song about how beautiful the mountain was. But God wouldn’t sing a song about a mountain. He’d sing a song about YOU.” And we all got it. God loves US, His Beloved.

The beauty we saw while wandering in the west this summer stunned our souls. We had so many moments where all we could say was “Wow”…or even better, just nothing.

So, I made a video today of some of the pictures I took along the way. The very last photo of the lightning hitting the Grand Tetons was taken by my amazingly gifted daughter Maddie.

Enjoy the show.

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  1. Meagan says:

    How amazingly beautiful! What a special blessing that time together as a family must have been for you. So glad you had that opportunity. I pray it refreshed and renewed you, and gave you all lasting memories.

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