One of my good friends interviews incoming Kindergartners to test their “Kindergarten Readiness.”  Every year she sits through the Q&A with them, never laughing or breaking a smile.  She jots down their answers and shares them with me.  They are so, so funny. In the spirit of all things funny and April Fool’s Day, I thought I’d share:

What does a fireman do?

  • washes fire
  • hot dogs


From what animal do we get eggs?

  • elephants
  • giraffes
  • dinosaurs
  • lions
  • trees
  • cow
  • cooking
  • easter bunny
  • roosters
  • hungry
  • pancakes
  • One student laughed and said "Ha! No animal gives us eggs!"


How many legs does an elephant have?

  • a trunk
  • 3, 5
  • big ones


What is ice when it melts?

  • lemonade
  • nothing
  • fire
  • sun
  • spring
  • pop
  • it means you’re not drinking it
  • take it out of the fridge.


What makes daytime warmer than nighttime?

  • air
  • spring
  • moon
  • ice
  • go to sleep
  • hot
  • beds

What do fish have that help them swim?

  • the floppies
  • slippers
  • skin
  • fishing rods
  • bones
  • their brain
  • wings


What vegetable is used to make French fries?

  • grease
  • green beans
  • McDonald’s
  • farmers
  • tomatoes
  • French
  • apples
  • celery
  • fish, bananas
  • meat
  • rubber chicken
  • tacos, hot dogs, chips


What season of the year usually has the coldest weather?

  • 42
  • Sunday
  • wind
  • snow day
  • the season of the world
  • suns
  • wake up time
  • probably tomatoes


What month comes after June?

  • Noonya
  • Thursday
  • eggs & pancakes
  • Christmas
  • and one kid howled. seriously.


If today is Sunday, what day was yesterday?

  • Yesterday! (duh!)

4 thoughts on “Funnies

  1. Amber Cox says:

    This made me so happy today. I love it. It makes me excited for the things my kids will say in the coming years… and I am inspired to document the funny ones.
    Love you~

  2. Ryan says:

    Anna got every single question correct!

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