Granger Community Church Food Drop 2011

Whitney and Sophie Food Drop 2011 

Did you hear?  Granger Community Church gave out food to 2600 families in our community this weekend — In a snow storm that left South Bend with 40 inches of snow. We supplied so many boxes of food for these poor people stuck in their homes, that if you lined up all the boxes, they would cover the length of 58 football fields.

Food Drop 2011 Food Drop-Maddie and Friends 2 Food Drop--Maddie and friends

Early January 2011 013 

For kids who are just at head-clunking-box level, or if they were just too cold, there were activities inside.  Belle and I decorated about 20 Kleenex boxes to hand out along with food boxes. 

  Early January 2011 018 Early January 2011 025 

It was a phenomenal morning.  I am so grateful that our whole family could participate.  The girls had amazing stories about the people they handed their boxes out to in South Bend.  I can not imagine how happy people must have been to get a knock on their door in the middle of a snow storm with someone standing there with a box of food and personal care items.

Rob and Whitney 2011 food drop

I thought I’d share some fun photos I snatched from Mark Beeson, DC Curry, and Melisa Johnson.  Thanks for letting me snatch

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  1. Lisa Vukmirovich says:

    AWESOME! I will be stealing these pics! I have not made a scrapbook page of the FOODDROP before, but I have to now! We’ll never forget this one!

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