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Heartbreaking: 14-year-old small dog abandoned in its last moments by its owners because they found him too old

It is a very sad story that these volunteers experienced… But fortunately, they were there to provide this poor little dog at the end of his life with a few hours of the intense comfort he so desperately needed.

The story of a small dog named Cookie, a 14-year-old crossbreed, has sparked outrage on social media. Cookie was abandoned by his owners in his last moments of life because they considered him too old and no longer useful.

The heartbreaking scene took place at a veterinary clinic in Toulon, France, where Cookie was brought by his owners to be euthanized.

But instead of staying with their beloved pet until the end, they left him alone and quickly left the clinic without looking back.

The staff at the clinic was shocked by the owners’ behavior and decided to take care of Cookie in his final moments. They held him and comforted him as he took his last breath.

The story quickly went viral on social media, with many people expressing their outrage and sadness over Cookie’s abandonment. Some even offered to adopt him, despite his advanced age and health problems.

A senior dog, abandoned in sad conditions

It was the non-profit organization Leave No Paws Behind that took care of him.

The poor dog was in a sad state. Very thin, he was also very sick. He was placed in a foster home, and luckily they were there so that he wouldn’t be alone in his last moments.

During the 48 hours he spent with them, they took care of him as best they could, treated him, trimmed his nails that were far too long…

They fed him and above all, they cherished him and gave him as much love as he could receive to comfort his poor little heart. But, terribly weakened, he eventually breathed his last in their arms.

“He was not alone because we were there when he needed you most” The foster family who took care of the little dog named Cookie was deeply shaken by the abandonment and his death.

They wrote a very moving message, which was relayed by Leave No Paws Behind volunteers on the association’s Facebook page. They directly address those who cruelly let the poor little ball of fur down in such difficult times.

“I don’t know what circumstances led Cookie to the shelter, all I know is that he was clearly at the end of his life. His nails were too long, he was as thin as a toothpick and he was obviously sick,” the letter reads.

“What hurt me the most was imagining what he must have thought when he saw you walk away, while he was taken away in a cold, noisy and dark cage by perfect strangers who, I’m sure, tried to comfort him,” adds the person who took care of Cookie.

“Tonight, we will mourn the loss of a little dog that we had the chance to know for 48 short hours, because you couldn’t be there to say goodbye to him, who was devoted to you for 14 years. […]

Know that he passed away in peace, that his suffering is over, that his broken heart has been mended […] and that he was not alone because we were there when he needed you most.”

The veterinary clinic that took care of Cookie has since filed a complaint against his owners for animal cruelty and abandonment. The case is now under investigation by local authorities.

This heartbreaking story is a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and the love and care that our pets deserve, even in their old age.

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